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SpaScentials – One

SpaScentials – One

All the ingredients needed to wind down a hectic day of move-in bedlam. Invigorate and pamper your resident with the gift that contributes in the creation of pure relaxation after a long, tiresome day! Assemble everything and you have created the luxurious, relaxing “SpaSentials”!

Great as a combination gift; this affordable and adorable gift pack comes complete with

  • Individually Wrapped Toilet Paper
  • Prepasted Disposable Toothbrush Individually Wrapped w/Toothpaste on Bristles
  • Bottle of Shampoo (.75 oz)
  • Conditioner (.75 oz)
  • Hand & Body Lotion (.75 oz)
  • Bar of Soap
  • Professionally Shrunk Wrapped
  • Topped Off With Curling Ribbon
  • Assorted Colors Only
  • Quantity

    Price: $4.95

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    SpaScentials – Two


    Price: $7.95

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